2019 Energy & Expectations

January 20, 2019


Happy New Year Litties! 


I feel like 2019 just creeped up on us and did not come to play! With that being said, I have sooo much planned for you guys this year. I wanted to make a post to basically keep you guys in the loop of things and share what you should expect from me in 2019. BUT FIRST [shameless plug coming next] I made a video about How to Slay 2019 and achieve your goals that you should all watch. I made the video for you guys to encourage you get your mind right and ready to conquer the new year💪🏾 


Before we get into expectations, let's talk about the fit – because this is literally one of my favorite looks TO THIS DAY! This outfit really embodies my personal style: tomboy-chic & edgy-sexy street style. You guys know I love me some basics, so I paired a basic pair of white 90s style sweats from Missguided with a [not so basic] basic white bodysuit. I wanted to add a pop, so I went for the black teddy to give some texture and high contrast. Then, lastly, I chose to go with nude yeezy-esq booties from Ego to add a little bit of edge to the look. I absolutely love how everything came together! 

Similar Shoes Here

























Outfit Deetz:

Pants |  Missguided (here)

Bodysuit | Kosmios (similar here)

Teddy Coat | H&M (similar here)

Booties | Ego (similar here)

Sunnies | Quay Australia (here)


































So what should you expect from me in 2019?


Looks on looksss – I love sharing my personal style with you guys and I love throwing together outfits with pieces that are affordable so you can recreate them and make them your own. I'll be posting a lot more of my outfits, but more importantly, I'll be sharing the exact pieces I wear so you never have to go searching for them on the websites. I post all my fits on Instagram, so make sure you're following me ✨


A day in the life – Most of you know me for fashion, some of you know me for fitness, but only a few of you really know me for the things I do in my day to day life (like skincare routines, cooking, entrepreneurship etc.). You can expect to see me dive a lot more into my actual life and day-to-day routines on Instagram Stories. I want to make myself more available to answer questions and provide real, valuable information for you.


Lights, camera, action – I definitely slacked with YouTube videos last year, so this year you can definitely expect to see much more videos from me. The topics will stay the same (fashion, fitness, and lifestyle), but you can expect at least one post every Sunday. I have a lot of information that I want to share, and videos are just the easiest way to share it with you! Make sure to subscribe so you always know when I upload videos. I want to post short videos to Instagram as well, so be on the look out for that too!


Launch szn – I'm always looking for new ways to spread information and love to my #Litties. I'm so happy to announce that I'll be launching InstaLit, the long awaited guide on how to grow followers on instagram fast and level up! I'll also be launching the Love Yo-Self Affirmation Cards, a deck of 36 affirmation cards that are guaranteed to help you get your life and love yourself 💕 I plan on launching a bunch of other fun stuff, so join the Lit Squad to be the first to know when everything is launching.

 Missguided 90s Style Joggers


Remember guys, you should not only look like a million bucks, but you should feel like a million bucks! In 2019, we are knowing our values, doubling the price AND STILL adding tax! Know who you are and slay the year. Stay blessed and Stay lit ✨








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