Blueberry Protein Pancakes🥞

March 12, 2017

What's Up Everyone!


I'm coming at you guys with another healthy, swole-friendly recipe! This is just a really quick & easy recipe for a delicious, protein packed breakfast. I've tried so many different ways of making protein pancakes, and they all came out super dense and extremely gritty textured – TRASH. It's near impossible to make any type of protein infused meal (unless it's actually meat) that doesn't have that grainy texture. But this recipe?! This is literally the best I've had. You guys should defintiely try this.



Two handfuls of blueberries (more or less depending on your taste)

P28 High Protein Pancake Mix (here) – BEST MIX EVER

Pam Coconut Oil Cooking Spray (here)

2 Egg Whites (optional)

Water of course lol

Firstly, combine just water and pancake mix. I added two eggs (for more protein and lighter fluffy texture). Mix the ingredients together – But, don't over mix because your pancakes will get too thick. Adding less water yields thicker pancakes, and more yields thinner pancakes.

 Secondly, add blueberries! I like blueberries, but you can switch this up and opt for chocolate chips, nuts, or whatever you desire.

 Preheat your griddle or pan to Medium heat. Don't ever use Low heat, because the pancakes will spread super wide and become thin. After preheating, spray the pan with coconut oil!

 Now for this part, if you have OCD like me, and you want all your pancakes to be the same size, I suggest using a 1/3 cup to pour your batter into the pan. In this step, I actually added more blueberries once the pancakes were already set at the bottom. Cook for literally one minute one each side and you're good to go! 

 And just like that, delicious protein pancakes with little to no preparation! Serve with your syrup of choice, and a little butter smeared on top – YUM!!!


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