• InstaLit is a comprehensive guide created exclusively by myself, a Content Creator, Influencer, and Social Media Maven. I was able to grow my Instagram organically by 200% in just 2 months — in this e-book, I share the exact same tips, tricks, hacks and strategies that I used to fight the algorithm and rack up followers.


    This ebook is 100% beginner friendly, so even if you are just starting out, you’ll find everything you need to master your Instagram growth strategy. InstaLit is perfect for bloggers, content creators, influencers, entrepreneurs and truly anyone who just wants to start taking Instagram seriously in order to grow.


    Broken up into 4 parts, this ebook guides you through everything from basics like figuring out your niche & crafting the perfect bio, to how to curate a beautiful feed, content creation and hacks for fighting the Instagram algorithm. I include applicable examples to help you understand the information, as well as exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned throughout the chapters. The tips I’m sharing with you have proven to work, no matter how many followers you have! 

    InstaLit: Level Up & Grow Your Gram

    • Part One: Lit Basics – How to choose your niche, optimize your bio and choose the right profile picture to attract new followers


      Part Two: Lit Content – Tips for choosing a theme for your Instagram feed, different types of content for your niche, how to create quality pictures, and the best ways to use Insta Stories


      Part Three: Lit Consistency – How to consistently put out content without falling off and the methods I use for planning ahead


      Part Four: Lit Engagement – Define your target audience, how to research and optimize your hashtags to rank and my personal tips/hacks for boosting engagement and beating the algorithm


      Part Five: Lit Analytics – Find out which Instagram insights matter most and learn how to use them to help you grow your following exponentially